A Video Tour of our House

The street: Pachamama. The city: Cochabamba, Bolivia. The tour guide: Timothy. Enjoy! [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cPdVgOpPzpA&list=UUjzi04qnBajchSaJEpgNopw&index=1&feature=plcp[/youtube]

Vlog Ask Me Anything

A few posts back I told my dear readers to ask me anything. Seeing as we are coming up to our 10th year on the mission field as well as fifteen years of marriage I opened the floor to find out what you are curious about. The following 12 minute video answers the 14 questions […]

Vlog Just another Trip to the Post Office

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWoxvGMS7xI[/youtube] Video running time: 1 minute. Coming out of the post office I encountered a peaceful protest by hundreds of government health workers and teachers demanding fair benefits and punctual pay. What struck me as interesting is that they all had water to drink and parasols to block from the sun. Other sectors of society […]

Vlog Top 12 POI of Cochabamba

A personalized look at the city I live in and my top 12 points of interest. Following the video you will see the complete list with a few links to past blog posts I did about that spot. A special thanks to my husband DaRonn for helping my with the technical side of putting this […]

Vlog Kaitlynn’s Adoption Papers are Final

The following vlog was made after a long afternoon downtown getting the final document. I don’t even care that the lighting is low, that the girls’ room and myself are a mess-o-rama, or even that the boys are playing Wii and the camera picked up the game’s music. We have the document in hand that […]

Vlog Life Goes On

We had the honor of having my dad here at our home for his 60th birthday. In the following video you can see some of the the tidbits of our celebrations on his special day. Highlights include: a choreography to the song Oh Blah Di, an appearance from the Chin Heads and the traditional singing […]

Vlog Two Minutes with my Two Year Old Kaitlynn… and some other Washington Kids

I imagine that the family and close friends will be the only ones that will want to invest the two minutes to watch some everyday antics at the Washington house. That is cool with me. The camera was just there on my desk as I worked so I pushed play without them knowing. Here they […]

Vlog Carnaval

@ngie vids Vlog: “Carnaval” Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia Date: 4 of Feb. ’10 A little video about this season in Bolivia called: Carnaval. I have a tiny cold so I sound a little nasally and look a little pastey. Also, I can’t believe that I wore the same t-shirt that I did in a previous video. […]

Vlog Wednesday Without Words

For more about our climb of Mount Tunari read my previous post: Desire Fulfilled (click to go there). For more vlogs you can go to the video page (click to go there). Enjoy the view!

WINNERS for the Bag Drawing


A few posts ago I launched a drawing. It was my 500th post. The prizes were 5 bags. The contest ran until we reached 5,000 comments here at the @. Each comment counted as an entry from the time of the launch of the contest until now. We have reached 5,000 comments, folks! Here is […]