Birth Stories – 6 – Kaitlynn

May 26, 2010 Gotcha Day

Adoption is a different kind of birth. The process doesn’t follow nature’s timeline, but all the elements are present: conception, gestation, labor, delivery, post partum. A whole book could be written about my personal struggles through each step in the process. Start to finish it took 24 months. Fun facts from Google: “In Mammals, Elephants […]

Killing the Deadline


My youngest daughter is 4, 5, and 6 years old. Wha?! Yes. In May we celebrate her Adoption Gotcha Day for the 4th time. She and I have been mother and daughter for almost 4 years. In February she will enter Kindergarten. In Bolivia children are usually 5 when they enter Kindergarten. She needed to […]

Tangible Validation


A few years back I purchased five large photo albums. That Christmas we gave Raimy, Timothy, Gabrielle, and Tyler their own album, each with 100+ photos of: them, their friends, our family, photos they had taken, and fun memories. This is a page from Timothy’s. Simple. Personal. They loved them! They frequently peruse their pics. […]

Where There is No…

washington kids september 2013

A famous missionary book is “Where There is No Doctor”. Later a couple more came out to complete the set of self-help handbooks for workers in the developing world. “Where There is No Dentist” so your teeth don’t fall out of your head. “Where There is No Animal Doctor”, let’s not forget about Sparky! (sidenote: […]

Adoption Postpartum Pounds

the me i see

I had more “postpartum poundage” after the adoption than I did with any of my four pregnancies. The stressful gestation lasting a year and a half, then not being able to nurse after her “delivery” created some issues I postponed. Other emotional situations took the forefront of my energies. Adopting a child (she was 2 […]

You Have Got to Start Somewhere

I just skimmed through the previous 100 adoption posts here at “the @” spanning the course of 4 and 1/2 years.  I made it all the way back to the very first one, the announcement. I laughed out loud as I read through. Funny parts explained in the following re-post in bold green words. “We […]


Mama and Kaitlynn on the day she came home

Our adoption lawyer has nearly two decades worth of experience helping families adopt. She is as short in temper as she is in stature. Her fearless advocacy for Bolivian children has brought suits against corrupt judges, pushes piles of paperwork through a faulty system, and hangs on with a fierce tenacity when the process drags […]

Trail Mix

Now on with the crunchy, munchy, mixed-up life I lead… We got Kaitlynn’s Visa! Which means the U.S. government has seen our compliance with the mandatory 2 years of her living with us in order to grant her the permission step foot on U.S. soil. Such benevolence towards her parents who just happen to be […]

Waiting to Fall in Love

How can one know what issues one will encounter? I could not foresee what would shake me to the core. I did not know that I would have to wait for the feelings of love. Then this night came. My hand went to my mouth and my eyes got big. Did I just say that? […]

The Talk


I wanted to adopt a five year old. I wanted the hard case, a kid in dire need of a home. I wanted to dig in with both sleeves rolled up and really change a life. I wanted an older child because I thought the adoption would be faster since the older ones have been […]