Waffle Lids and Mind Sizes

Small minded people talk about other people. Gossip. Envy. Rumors.

Average minded folk discuss of events. News. Current buzz. Happenings.

Those of great minds speak of ideas. Concepts. Innovations. Theories.

Agree? Disagree? Thoughts?

And speaking of good ideas…

An innovation of the Dutch variety found it’s way into a Bolivian coffee shop. I have always wanted to try some of these! They are as divine as I imagined them to be.

stroopwafles 01

Also known as: stroopwafles. Waffles from Holland, made, I assume, in Bolivia by: Los Tres Wafleros.

stroopwafles 02

Step 1: place the waffle over your mug of steamy hot beverage as a lid.

stroopwafles 03

Step 2: Let stand until the bread part becomes warm and the honey filling melts.

stroopwafles 04

Step 3: Gently break the waffle to see the gooey goodness inside and tantalize the eyes for the coming taste bud thrill.

stroopwafles 05

Step 4: Let the rest of the waffle repose to retain warmth of both food and beverage. Dip the bites, if desired.

What a treat for tea time today!



  1. I’m loving the English tea in the background of one picture. :-)

    That’s another impressive food find in Bolivia. Not a honey fan myself Angie – but sounds awesome!


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