Cochabamba Street Art – Installation Smile Power

Installation Smile 02

The green bunch of lettering spells out SONREI, which is the imperative tense of SMILE in Spanish.

Installation Smile 01

Don’t miss the ‘Apes in Love with Sunglasses’ behind the college students hanging out.

Installation Smile 03

The explosive lettering, the mounds of hair, the imperfect body type, the serene face, the unique skin markings, the color choice … make this piece stunning.

Installation Smile 04

Your guess is as good as mine as to what the letters spell. Spanish or English I am stumped. But the neon colors and the pointing cartoon Bolivian by the indifferent Bolivian woman and the sleeping dog are just great.

Installation Smile 05

Can’t you hear the conversation these miniature skate boarding godzillas might be having with each other?

One of the reasons I wanted to start posting pictures of street art around Cochabamba is because it makes me smile. What a thrill to find out that one of the artist’s signatures is the Spanish word for smile in the intimately familiar affirmative imperative tense: sonrei.


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