Strike-a-thon for The House of Dreams

We love orphans. DaRonn also loves bowling!

This week, April 27th – 30th, he will be representing the city of Cochabamba in the first of three national bowling championships. They are competing in the city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia.  In all he will be playing 24 games.

Would you like to help The House of Dreams Orphanage by donating an amount for each strike he makes during the championship?

___ $1 a strike.  He averages 3 strikes a game. This means a commitment of around $72 to The House of Dreams Orphanage.

___ $20 for every game over 200.  He averages 200+ in every 1 out of 6. This means a commitment of roughly $80 to The House of Dreams Orphanage.

This will be fun!

If you would like to participate simply leave a comment below and we can sign you up.

Also, we will be posting updates on facebook so you can get in on the fun. 

The kids and I will be joining DaRonn to cheer him on… and enjoy a vacation!


  1. Pearl HaagNo Gravatar says:

    $1 a strick. Have fun

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