Did I mention we are moving?

Like everything?

By this time next month:

  • the church will be in a new location.
  • the ministry office will be in a new location.
  • the orphanage will have a new rental house.
  • the Washington’s will have a new rental house.

By the mid-year the bowling alley will be in a new location.

The only thing not moving? The school. We are fighting tooth and nail (whatever that means) for the land where the school is so it can stay put.

Moving our family excites me most. Perks:

  • Three stories
  • A bit of an outdoors with a little grass
  • A half a block from a HUGE park
  • A block and a half from a main street

A rough sketch of the floor plan:

Oh, yes, and to finish this post I wanted to share with you a verse from the New Living Translation version of the Bible found in Isaiah 54:2 which applies to our situation.

“Enlarge your house; build an addition.
      Spread out your home, and spare no expense!”

Isn’t that a refreshing look at the old verse about lengthening cords and strengthening stakes? Yes!


  1. EEE! SO excited for you!

  2. wonderful–you’ll enjoy the extra space, especially the grass. :-)

  3. so exciting! i know you will be soooo busy and crazy this month! love that you will have some outdoor space to play!

    love from here,

    • Thanks, Laura! Yes, the outdoors space is pretty much at the top of the “why I like this new place” list. love right back at ya!

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