Vlog Top 12 POI of Cochabamba

A personalized look at the city I live in and my top 12 points of interest. Following the video you will see the complete list with a few links to past blog posts I did about that spot. A special thanks to my husband DaRonn for helping my with the technical side of putting this together, some filming and for his cameo appearance.

Running time of video: 2 minutes and 45 seconds


1. El Cristo

2. The Botanical Gardens

3. The Market

4. Cine Center

5. The Tunnel

6. The Recoleta (where the best meat in all of Bolivia can be found at a restaurant called Churrasqueria Tunari)

7. I.C. Norte Supermarket

8. El Prado (My Flickr file of images from this area of town)

9. Divas

10. Mount Tunari (2009 summit, 2010 summit, 2011 almost summit)

11. Bowling

12. Juice Zen


  1. Ronn HoutzNo Gravatar says:

    Great, fun trip. Brings back memories.

  2. oh, i REALLY miss Coch today – so nice to see some of it :)

  3. beth whiteNo Gravatar says:

    yea for juice zen and divas!!! miss our girlie time!!!

  4. With it’s wide boulevard El Pardo gives Cochabamba a European look to. Open air markets are something we don’t see as much of in the US.

    Climbing the stairs at El Cristo would be a good way to stay in shape, if you don’t have a hear attack first.

    Mountain top views from Mount Tunari are spectacular.

    Thanks for the quick tour of beautiful Cochabamba Angie.

    • Ed, your comments are always so thoughtful and thorough. Thank you for taking the time to watch and tell me what you think. I want to get back up on that mountain – nothing compares.

  5. Hey girl for some reason I can’t see the vlog but I am sure it is great.
    I am honoured that you would include me in your list of friends who inspired you!


  6. Love, love, love it and miss it…..and you. Thanks for putting this together! It was so fun to see our old haunts. :>) I miss each of them for different reasons. It will be run to be reacquainted with them next summer (winter there). The family watched it together. Ben’s imput…..Mt. Tunari should have been first and Juice Zen second. :>) Obviously those are what he misses the most.

    • Denise, it will be SO fun to bum around Coch with you once again. You can tell Ben that I had a very hard time deciding the order and I agree that Mt. Tunari should have a much higher ranking of these were ordered by bestest to not so bestest. :)

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