Ignorant Bliss on a Life Overseas

I suppose the greatest form of ignorance is to believe one knows it all. But what do I know? Today I share on A Life Overseas blog about where my soul is right now. Here’s a little excerpt:

Our shiny vision statement listed everything in plural with big numbers. We knew that we knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, as they say, what our next few decades, heck, what the rest of our lives looked like.

Or so I thought.

This November 1st marks 13 years in Bolivia. So much has changed in that relatively short span of time. I miss the ignorant bliss of being a know-it-all.

Right now as I walk through the valley-of-the-shadow one of the few certainties I have is the shadow of doubt.

The trade off was too big. Home life is strained. Our finances suffer under huge debt. Relationships have become difficult. I could go on with the list of stressful situations we face; I’ll leave the rest for my skype call counseling sessions.

The ancient story of the Hebrews who clamored for a king haunts my heart. They thought they asked for a good thing…

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Cochabamba Street Art – Installation Tags

Installation Tags Grone


Installation Tags Mat

“Mat” The second photo says “Prestigiosa pero Peligrosa” which is Spanish for “Prestigious but dangerous” in the feminine, indicating a female person or a noun with a feminine attribute.

Installation Tags Oveja

“Oveja” which is Spanish for Sheep

Installation Tags puriskiri traveler

For a long while the words painted on the wall were “Sin poesía no hay cuidad – Acción Poética Cochabamba” (Without poetry there is no city – Poetic Action Cochabamba). Then the word poetry was lightly covered and graffiti was painted in it’s stead. The tag is attributed to Puriskiri, which is Quechua for Traveler, and who happens to have tons of graffiti all over the city.

Installation Tags Puriskiri

“Puriskiri” which is Quechua for Traveler. Another well known graffiti tag in the middle photo: “Sonrie” which is a Spanish directive for “Smile”.

Installation Tags various unknown

A bunch more tags with letters and words

In the graffiti world it seems that lettering, words, signatures, and tags are integral. Readable or not I appreciate the emotion portrayed in fonts that require you to slow down and look close to understand their meaning. Also the creative colors, shading, and added designs give an interesting depth. I still would really love to someday have a conversation with a street artist. One of the things I would talk about with them is the use of language in their pieces.


Cochabamba Street Art – Installation Tribal

Tribal 01 Tribal 02 Guillermo Deheza 022 Tribal 03 Guillermo Deheza 010 Tribal 04 Guillermo Deheza 009 Tribal 05 Guillermo Deheza 008 Tribal 06 DSC05412 Tribal 07 Guillermo Deheza 020 Tribal 08

* Click the pics for a close up view of all the wonderful details in these pieces.

Bolivians have a strong sense of their cultural heritage dating back to the time of the Mayans and the Incas up through the tragedies of the Conquistadors and the colonization of the primitive missionaries and the more recent revolutionary efforts of Simon Bolivar and Che Guevara. Much effort is made to remember important dates, traditions, dances, food, dress, and of course the many heroic women and men who forged the nation we now know. I appreciate these cultural events and the way all generations get involved in the celebrations.

As we can see displayed in bright colors sprayed on the walls even the artists of the street are proud of their heritage. I applaud the usage of symbols, shapes, and styles to help us remember our roots.

A special thanks to Guillermo Deheza, once again, for finding and photographing some of these images. Find more of his stuff from around Cochabamba on facebook.

The llama picture has been brought to my attention more than once by various people… but I haven’t ever photographed it myself. It’s fun when people send me photos of cool graffiti they find around town. I am very grateful.

My amateur dabbling in the curator world can be accessed through this link: Cochabamba Street Art at ‘The @’.


Installation women 01 Guillermo Deheza

Cochabamba Street Art – Installation Women

*Click pics for enlarged view* This installation includes fresh, new graffiti found around Cochabamba as well as photos I took over a year ago. Some of these photos were taken by Guillermo Deheza, a fellow Cochabamba dweller who likes graffiti art. The variety of impressions about women represented in these pieces span all time, past, […]


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